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The Difference Between a Hamster and a Rabbit: Which is Better for You?

Many people have pets that make a great companion in their life. Unfortunately, some people may not know the difference between these two animals, which can lead to confusion about which is better for you. A hamster is a type of rodent and a member of the subfamily Cricetinae of the family Cricetidae. It is not a true hamster, but a guinea pig or Syrian golden hamster instead.


A rabbit is any medium-sized mammal in the family Leporidae. There are over 40 species of rabbit that exist worldwide today, with around 20 known to be domesticated species. The main differentiator between these two animals is size as well as lifespan. Hamsters typically live anywhere from 2-3 years in captivity while rabbits live for up to 10 years on average.


What Makes These Two Animals Different?


There are two main differences between these two animals. The first is size, as hamsters are much smaller than rabbits. The other difference is lifespan. Rabbits typically live for up to 10 years in captivity while hamsters typically live for about 2-3 years.

The type of physical activity that you want your pet to be involved in also plays a role in the decision between these two animals. If you’re going to be doing activities with your pet and require their speed, endurance, or agility, then the rabbit would work better for you. Additionally, if you plan on using your pet as an assistant in hunting small game or as a companion on walks, then the rabbit may be better suited for you.


How Do Hamsters And Rabbits Live?

Hamsters live in burrows and can be kept in cages when they are not breeding. They need a wheel to run on, but they are able to exercise by wheel running. A hamster’s diet is primarily composed of hay, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and sometimes meat. A hamster eats up to 4 times its weight every day; this means that a female hamster would eat up to 250 grams a day and a male would eat up to 600 grams of the food.


Rabbits live in burrows or hutches and need plenty of food, water, and shelter. They love fresh vegetables, carrots especially! Rabbits typically live 10-12 years in captivity with larger breeds living longer. Their diet includes hay (50%), vegetables (30%), fruit (10%), seeds (5%), and occasional protein from commercial pellets …

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